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Monday, September 1, 2014

Carl Larsson Out of Doors 2015 Calendar

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Carl Larsson Out of Doors 2015 Calendar

Life out of doors as painted by Sweden’s most beloved artist. Follow the days, weeks and months with Carl Larsson and his family as they enjoy the beauty and bounty of the idyllic Falun countryside.

2014 calendar with twelve full-color Carl Larsson prints suitable for framing:
January: The Falun Yard, 1909
February: Lisbeth's New Hat, 1910
March: Apple Blossom, 1898
April: The Crawfish Season Opens, 1907
May: Esbjörn and the Farmer's Girl, 1904
June: Lisbeth is Fishing, 1898
July: Viking Expedition, 1900
August: Late Summer, Karin by the Shore, 1908
September: Fishing, 1909
October: Apple Harvest, 1904
November: The Front Yard and the Wash House, 1897
December: The Cottage in Snow, 1909

About the artist:Carl Larsson, (b Stockholm, 28 May 1853; d Falun, 22 Jan. 1919) was a Swedish painter, illustrator, printmaker, and writer. His work included numerous portraits and book illustrations, as well as several large murals (the best known are those on Sweden's artistic history in the Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, 1896).

Sweden's most beloved artist, he is now remembered mainly for his watercolors of the idyllic life he enjoyed in his now-famous house in the village of Sundborn with his wife Karin and their eight children. In the words of a contemporary critic, "these are altogether charming -- spirited, vivid, original and full of an indescribable freshness and heartiness."

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